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  Top mind-blowing Ninja go games for action games lovers

Lego movie is an inspiration for game developers as they love to make games in Lego style. Because of this, Lego ninja goes games are famous when players want to play ninja-based games. With Minifigure characters and enjoyable gameplay, the game has been ruling the gaming world like an ultimate ruler. So, here are some of the other ninjas go games plus they offer same satisfaction and adventure offered by Lego. But before moving to them, here are the things which you have to look in such games:


One can play them on the web browser and can download them if they like to. Both options have some advantages and limitations, so it is on players as for which way they like the most. On the other hand, some games can be played only on a particular device like Nintendo 3DS. So, know about the compatibility of your device with different games and then go for any game.

Figures or characters of the game

If you don’t like the game characters then don’t play that game.  Playing with your favorite characters always sounds good. Besides this, a good Lego game includes characters that are from out of the box, and this makes these games over the top.

Offer something unique

If all the games have same concept and storyline then what’s the benefit of playing them? It is important that their stories, characters and battle style should be different. Now, here are some new and unique games:

Shadows of Ronin

Want to battle with Ronin? The game includes Obsidian Glaive which is a well-known weapon of ninjas.  Ronin is the dark lord and a samurai with unlimited dark powers. AS said before, the game is unique as according to its storyline, obsidian contains all the important memories of real ninjas. You have to get all the memories back to defeat the dark lord. For this, players need to visit different places like temples, the Toxic Bogs, and Chen’s Island. Also, challenging and confusing puzzles are there to make your mission difficult.

The final battle

There are lots of characters in this game, and it is hard to choose the best one among Lloyd, Cole, Kai, Zane and Jay. Also, elemental weapons in the game are best for defeating the evil. There are four elemental weapons, and if you want to use all of them at a time, then you have to active them all. Besides this, when you become the most powerful then it becomes easy for you to unlock Sensei Wu.

Tournament of elements

The game includes various elemental masters, and the villains here are hard to defeat. Players in the game like participants and due to this you can be bale to grow stronger and powerful. Garmadon, Snike, and Mindroid characters are the excellent one, but they can be used when you unlock them. Each one of them is capable of smashing villains with just one movie.

So, if you need something new in your gaming collection, then these ninja go games are best to be included.

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