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  Introducing the finest scary games in google play
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The Video game industry is a huge concept that has been in this modern world for quite some times now. Earlier it was the video game parlor that provided people with these exciting games. After the commencement of computing technology and the internet now there are games that you can play online on your PC, mobile phones and many such devices. These games are getting more and more popular with each passing day. There are different kinds of video games that you can play online and offline. Some of the popular video game kinds are as follows:

  • Action
  • Arcade
  • Zombie games
  • Scary games
  • Star war games etc.

In this content we are concentrating on Scary games. AS the name suggest, scary games stroies are those games that have a scare element in it. There are ghosts and haunted places that you need to venture in the games. In the current day world the stunning graphics make these games very much realistic and that is why the popularity of these games is increasing every day. Here is the list of the top 5 scary games in the business:

  1. Dead paradise 2
  2. Nightmare runner
  3. The last stand 2
  4. The deepest sleep
  5. Dead Zed

We all look for the best games to play online and Scary games unblocked are just the perfect one at the plate. There are several unblock games that you can play online and the demand of these unblock games are increasing every day. The Google play has many real time features such as multiplayer capabilities, cloud saves and the storage capacities which are generally known as the Google cloud storage. Lots and lots of files can be saved and for playing games and it has got a hell lot of space available. Apple’s Game center is similar to the service of the Google play. More and more new features are added each now and then and they are of really high quality. The process of creating new software applications for the Android operating system is the Android Software development and the number of tools they work on so the whole package is illustrated as the software development kit. Google play is definitely a global market and here we have maximum users.

After the release of the iTunes many thought that there will no such applications. But Google, with the help of Android made it possible and easy. Now there is real competition between Google play and iTunes as the games released by them each and every year are fabulous. Some of these games are better in Google play and some are better in iTunes. There are maximum users only because Google players have the option of playing , play books, play movies, play games, way variety of applications and can be implemented in all the Android based devices. Dead paradise 2 is generally a third person shooter adventure game. The shooter needs to escape to Arizona and have to spread the news that he is dead.


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